What's not to love about Coolamon?

We asked Kat from The Contractors Wife and Dowling Rural Contracting to share with us why they chose to call Coolamon home.

Words and Images from Kat Dowling, The Contractors Wife.

What’s not to love about Coolamon?

My husband and I moved to Coolamon in 2011. We purchased our first home together and we came to this decision purely and simply, Coolamon was a lovely town that we could envision our children growing up safely in, as well as being a thriving community that has huge potential to grow on so many levels.

Fast forward 8 years, two small girls, a contracting business and a new farm we now call home, later. We are here to stay.

With a young family, some would say living in a small town can mean we are limited to many things we can expose our children too, but Coolamon we are so blessed with many beautiful spots, activities and areas to enjoy.

We are lucky to have so many gems at our doorstep, we personally love enjoying a coffee from Little Rustic Pantry while we are out, taking our eldest to ballet lessons at our local classes here of a weekend or pondering through the little shops that are full of treasures.

But most of all we love that there is always something happening of a weekend and even though we live out of the hustle and bustle of the larger towns we can still drive 5 minutes and get a beautifully cooked meal at our local pub or a wood fire pizza from the local club, fish and chips from the café’s and have them in our newly updated parks or better still, pick up some locally handcrafted cheeses right in the heart of our town and enjoy it with friends & family. 

 So really, what’s not to love about Coolamon, we wouldn’t want to be bringing up our family or spending our weekends anywhere else.

 Kat Xx


Laura Munro