Autumn School Holiday Activities in Coolamon Shire


The school holidays April 8-23 provide lots of opportunities for parents to connect with kids on excursions across Coolamon Shire. 

Around the region kids can connect with engaging history from Coolamon through Ardlethan to Ganmain to visit the Coolamon Fire Museum and heritage-listed Up-To-Date-Store and in Coolamon, learn about the origins of the Kelpie dog in Ardlethan, and take in the Ganmain Hay Display Centre and Historical Museum.

The Coolamon Fire Museum tells the stories of brave firefighters, the equipment they used and the conditions they worked under. The collection comes from across Australia and the world, including Peru and Africa, including breathing apparatus from the 1800s, 100 fire helmets (from the 1830s to today) and full firefighting uniforms. Opening hours are 10am - 4pm every day. The Visitor Information Centre on-site too. 

The Up-to-Date Store is divided into departments of grocery, ironmongery, crockery, drapery, mercery, millinery, haberdashery, clothing and footwear. In fact, anything and everything, from a plough to a piano could be purchased from the Up-To-Date Store. The Store is open Tuesday to Sunday. 

The large collection at the Ganmain Historical Museum houses farm machines and tools, household items, and sporting and war memorabilia. Admission is free; opening hours Sundays from 1.30pm - 4.30pm. The Hay Display Centre is an open display and can be accessed at all times; admission is also free.

A drive from Coolamon to Beckom, Ardlethan, Matong and Ganmain takes in a huge section of Coolamon Shire to view natural wonders. Bush walk through the Kindra State Forest, Yarranjerry State Forest or Ganmain State Forest. Stop and take your time to do the tranquil Murumbang Interpretive Walk at Ganmain. Admire the beauty of the patchwork of crops and pastures and the gentle rise and fall of the road as you become deeply absorbed within the landscape.

Kindra State Forest has leisurely bike and walking trails that will lead you on a journey of discovery, taking in the flora and fauna of the Forest, including 100 bird species, seating and viewing areas, picnic spots and interperative signage to help you discover the area’s meaning. At the top of the rise there is an excellent view of the Travelling Stock Reserve dam which is a habitat for birds including the endangered Superb Parrot, swans, pelicans and ducks.

Ganmain's Murumbang Interpretive Nature Walk winds around the Ganmain Forest, railway dams, and Boggy Creek and incorporates two bird hides, interpretive signage and an Interpretive Centre with picnic facilities. Waterside vegetation provides protection and habitat for reptilian and amphibian species, as well as nesting areas for wetland birds. Look for birds such as herons, ibis, spoonbills and ducks. Listen for frogs and insects in the overhanging grasses and reeds.

Combine an excursion with a community event such as the Coolamon Swap Meet and Market Day Sunday 9 April, or the Coolamon Rotary Markets and Up2Date Art Battle Saturday 15 April.

Coolamon Shire is ideally situated just a short detour from the Olympic, Newel and Sturt Highways. This not only gives visitors easy access to the towns and villages of the Shire, but also to our neighbours! Wagga Wagga, Junee, Temora, Narrandera and Bland all bound Coolamon Shire and make for a great visitor experience.

Coolamon Shire wishes you a happy Easter!

Cristy Houghton