Take five with local artist, Jordy Bos


Last week, Coolamon's Brent Rollins sat down with local artist, Jordy Bos to talk all things paper-art in the lead up to her exhibition, "Into the Fold", which will be on show in the Up to Date Store from August 13 - 27. #visitcoolamonshire


When thinking about paper folding, one immediately thinks about Japan and the ancient art of origami. However Coolamon artist Jordy Bos is taking this simple material and putting her own creative spin on it in her upcoming solo exhibition “Into the Fold”. Opening at 6pm on Saturday 13th August and continuing until Saturday 27th August, this is a unique opportunity to witness the immense talent of one of the Shire’s promising local artists. In 2015, Bos received one of several government grants of $10,000 to go towards artistic development and I recently spoke to Bos to discuss her exhibition, her art and where she hopes it takes her.

BR: Tell us a bit about your upcoming exhibition, "Into the Fold". What is it all about, ideas behind it, subject matter, how long did take you and the process you took to make it?

JB: Into The Fold is a development of sculptures that I’ve worked on for the past 12 months. All of the pieces are predominantly made from either paper or cardboard. The works have the common element of being geometrical structures, and often having hundreds of pieces making up the final sculpture. All of the sculptures are made in either black, grey or white, as a theme to tie the exhibition together. I’ve worked alongside local artist Sarah McEwan to develop my practice over the past year, and to find my path into the professional art world.

BR: Who or what inspires you to create your artwork?

JB: Most of my sculptures are very design based. Often I picture the final sculpture I want to make and develop the pieces to fit that form, using many of the same piece to get there.

BR: Is this your first exhibition? How does it feel to finally have your work out there for the public to see?

JB: I’ve been involved with a few group exhibitions but this is my first solo exhibition. I’m excited and nervous to see the reception of the exhibition, but ultimately glad to be able to get my works out there.

BR: Where do you see yourself and your art aspirations taking you in the future? Do you have any plans from here?

JB: Early next year I will be a part of Re//Creating, the third installment of an exhibition curated by Sarah McEwan and Julie Montgarrett. The exhibition features work from many local women and aligns with International Women’s Day. As for after that I’ll keep developing sculptures and see what comes along.

Cristy Houghton