Ardlethan Picnic Races - Tradition!


On Saturday 22 March Ardlethan’s iconic racecourse will come to life for the annual Ardlethan Picnic Races.

According to Ardlethan Picnic Race Club Secretary Kathy McDermott, this old-fashioned race meeting turns this quiet farming community into a hive of activity, with a committed and hard working group of resident’s rolling up their sleeves to ensure a great success. 

“Once again our small committee of hard workers have pulled together the elements that make the successful annual tradition in Ardlethan – the picnic races” said Ms McDermott.

“This year we were fortunate to have a new fence built around the track and the holding yards, which looks great. Along with the increased prize money we are expecting a good crowd”

“At this stage we are anticipating over 1,000 spectators for the day, which is a great achievement for Ardlethan!” Ms McDermott added.

The day will commence at 1.30pm with 6 races, fashions on the field, sky channel, lucky gate prizes and bar facilities.

The Ardlethan Picnic Races are held at the Ardlethan Racecourse, with bar and BBQ facilities available on site. Entry $20.

For more information, please contact Leanne Clark on (02) 6978 3826 or Kathy McDermott on (02) 6978 2104

Cristy Houghton