Coolamon’s Up-to-Date Store’s reaches Milestone

Up-2-Date Art Exhibition Opening Night

Up-2-Date Art Exhibition Opening Night

It took five years to put in place but now those who worked so hard can celebrate a milestone. The Coolamon Up-to-Date Store Cultural and Learning Precinct has reached its first birthday as its re-invention from department store to community cultural hub.

The Up-to-Date Store was built in 1909 but re-imagined less than ten years when Coolamon Shire purchased the property and together with the community developed a strategic plan that would make it a focal point for arts, cultural and learning activity.

The Up-to-Date Store Cultural and Learning Precinct was officially opened on 28 April 2012.

Coolamon’s Tourism and Economic Development Officer Linda Tillman said that already the work of volunteers and the Coolamon Shire has paid off. “The precinct in the past year is fulfilling its promise as a cultural space. 

“It’s become an amazing community hub as well as a focus for visitors to Coolamon.

 “The store itself, the museum, exhibitions, the library and the Ajanta Cafe together make it an exciting space, which is a credit to the hard work of local volunteers,” said Ms Tillman.

The precinct now provides a venue for visiting exhibitions, music events, art shows, seminars, workshops and private functions, and hosts the town’s accredited visitor information centre.

Read more about the centre here.

Cristy Houghton