The Coolamon Shire will be abuzz this July as it celebrates the inaugural art and cultural festival, WinterFest. From the 1st to the 28th of July the Coolamon Shire will host a number of events that will showcase the historic and cultural assets of the Coolamon Shire and celebrate the arts!

Rain, hail or shine people will be coming to Coolamon to enjoy a wealth of activities spanned over the month of July. WinterFest will combine a number of already established events with many new and exciting additions!

WinterFest will showcase a different town in the Coolamon Shire each week! Ganmain will host a new event, Ganmain Opera in the Hall! Singers and musicians will come together to perform a dramatic work combining expression and musical scores to create a theatrical setting in an unlikely place, the Ganmain Hall.

Coolamon will once again showcase local artistic talent in the Up 2 Date Art Exhibition accompanied by workshops run by the Riverina’s most well renowned artists. For the second year, Coolamon will get visitors tapping their toes with the annual blue grass and folk music festival, Coolgrass!  

Ardlethan would like to welcome people to their town, Gutentag! Ardlethan will be hosting the Ardlethan German Beer Festival! The festival is themed all things German which means, German beer, German food and German performances! This will be accompanied by a German Street Party, where the streets of Ardlethan will come alive with German inspired markets and German themed performances!

Get ready for a toe-tapping-gun-slinging Rockabilly weekend in Marrar! Marrar is set to rock, rattle and roll with a weekend of Rockabilly performances and workshops!

The WinterFest events program is growing by the day, as more people in the shire come on board with fantastic ideas to showcase their beloved towns to visitors in the region. WinterFest will attract visitors from all over the Riverina during July for some creativity, culture and fun!

We are proud to announce this new festival to our neighboring shires and friends! We invite you all this winter to join us in the Coolamon Shire for some much needed winter entertainment and fun!


Lets bring some warmth to this winter… 

Cristy Houghton