Music Magic at Mirrool


On Tuesday, September 4, the Mirrool Pub pulsated to the sounds of happy voices at the Music Magic at Mirrool charity night.

The Ardlethan Community Choir sang some old favourites, aired some new arrangements and showed their linguistic skills by singing a bracket in German.

George (Custer) Kemp, electric guitarist extraordinaire, accompanied the choir with their Beatles Medley and also showed his ability to sound like Johnny Cash, Slim Dusty and Lee Kernagan. He is in the area for a while and will be singing at the Tallimba Pub soon.

Trish Fairman and Barbara Weise performed with aplomb, ‘Where did you get that hat?’ which was recently premiered at the Ariah Park Revue.

Alan Bound, did a Melba, played a few great standards on his sax and then retired.

Then 90-year-old, Jim Davey, still playing a mean harmonica, joined in for Waltzing Matilda and sang with choir all night. 

The owners of the pub, Ben and Clare, made us most welcome and as per usual the evening finished with an outstanding supper of high calories, most of which was devoured.

The enthusiastic audience was very generous, as the hat was passed around to assist Lyn Coromandel, a well known active community member, who is recovering from major surgery.

Cristy Houghton