Megs top tips for visiting Coolamon

My name is Meg Campbell, and I’ve lived in Coolamon for my whole life with my Mum, Dad, and my 3 sisters. I have always loved growing up in Coolamon and being with the community and people you know and love the most. 

Coolamon is known for many things like tourist attractions and places to go but it’s also known for the bond between the people that live in this community. Coolamon is all about getting everyone together to appreciate what we have, being able to help people out whenever you can and supporting each other especially in times of tragedy or loss. 

I have personally loved growing up in Coolamon, some of my favourite things about living here have been things such as, going on small primary school trips to the Allawah lodge and singing to the elderly and sick people. I have spent my whole life playing sport in Coolamon whether it be swim club, netball, dance, touch or tennis. Making my debutant earlier this year was so much fun and even better organising everything with the people you have grown up with your whole life. 

Coolamon is known for many things such as tourist attractions but here are my top 5 places in Coolamon that you won’t be able to find on a tourist guide:

  1. Ajanta Café is my favourite place to go in Coolamon, with Lee making the best milkshakes in town.

  2. Another favourite place of mine is the netball and football grounds, a place to go for exercise and play sport there on weekends. 

  3. The Lions Park in Coolamon is a really nice place to take the dogs for a walk or to go with family and friends to relax. 

  4. The Coolamon pool is a great way to spend the afternoon with family or friends, summers coming and there is no other way to spend it. 

  5. The Coolamon Caravan Park is a great place to go and pitch a tent for the night, with the park and the pool right beside it, it’s a great place to spend time with family and friends.

I highly recommend you to come out to Coolamon and see what it has to offer, it’s a great community filled with lovely people and there is so much to see. I look forward to seeing you in Coolamon soon.

Meg Campbell

Cristy Houghton