Coolamon Shire wins tourism funding

Local businesses and tourism operators will receive a boost following Coolamon Shire’s successful funding application to Destination NSW to create a day trip campaign for the region.

With the help of Riverina Regional Tourism, the Shire submitted an application to support the development of the campaign, which will focus on increasing day trips Coolamon Shire and encouraging visiting friends and relatives to explore the region more widely during their stay.

Coolamon Shire’s Tourism and Business Development Manager, Linda Tillman, said the Coolamon Shire day trip campaign will offer incentives to visitors to tour different parts of the Shire and support local businesses and tourism operators.

“Visiting friends and relatives make up around one third of all visitors to the Riverina, and the day trip campaign will aim to encourage this market, as well as other visitors, to spend a day exploring everything Coolamon Shire has to offer.”

“Coolamon Shire is a heritage tourism delight, with well preserved streetscapes and buildings and an exciting range of museums to experience. It also has an impressive dining, coffee and boutique shopping scene to add to the mix.”

“As part of the campaign, we intend to produce a brochure that highlights attractions and provides discount vouchers to encourage spending with the local businesses and operators. We thank Destination NSW for supporting this project and look forward to welcoming all the day trippers to the Shire very soon!” she said.

The campaign is a collaborative project between Coolamon Shire, local businesses and operators and Riverina Regional Tourism. Under the funding, Destination NSW, in partnership with Riverina Regional Tourism, will match the tourism investment from local industry for this campaign on a dollar for dollar basis. 

The campaign is expected to run throughout September and October 2012.

Cristy Houghton